Long time no write...

Last year has been really busy, with the house being renovated, me working hard on my job, and the pandemic on top of everything. I had heaps of stuff that I had to get rid of and moving into my new space gave me another opportunity to go through things and see what I really need and what not. I started applying the Marie Kondo method and my wardrobe looks net now. One thing to keep in mind from my experience is that transparent stackable boxes are best, because you can see what is in there and fill up the available space. Now I'm watching "Minimalism - A Documentary about the Important Things" and thinking about my life, where I want it to go. So my plan for this year is get out of debt, finish renovating the house and do the things I really want to do and enjoy!

If you're reading this, I am wishing the same to you!

Happy, merry, healthy 2021!